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'What Is Prime Credit?' Questions Answered by the Credit Divas

  • By Credit Diva of Dallas
  • 20 Aug, 2020

With the economic uncertainty we are facing today, having stellar credit can mean a real boost to your living conditions. Not only will great credit help you if you find yourself in a pinch, but it will also provide you with other benefits, such as:

  • Refinancing your home at a much lower rate with those great interest rates we have now
  • Being able to easily consolidate your credit cards, thereby reducing your payments
  • Gaining access to top credit offers that people with lower credit don’t have

Looking at whether you have prime credit is how lenders determine who is credit-worthy and who may be a riskier investment. Let’s take a look at the different credit categories and see if you may need credit help from your Credit Divas!

Man using laptop in officeWhat Are the Credit Categories?

Most credit borrowers are going to fall into one of three categories. These categories are subprime, prime, and super-prime.

Subprime Credit

  • Subprime scores fall below prime credit and indicate that borrowers could be struggling to make payments on time or are over their heads in debt.
  • It could just be they have things on their credit history that are inaccurate or need to be deleted.

Credit help and repair is definitely needed when you have subprime credit. Even prime credit can often get a boost in the score when you implement credit repair with the help of your Divas!

Prime Credit

  • Prime credit means your credit score falls within an average to a good range by the credit reporting bureaus.
  • This range is defined as between 660-719. Of course, the closer you are to 719, the better overall your lending opportunities are.

While prime credit isn’t bad, it’s not what most lenders consider a 'superb' score either.

Super-Prime Credit

Finally, the super-prime credit score is that fabled unicorn of credit that floats above 720. This lets lenders know that you are a superstar when it comes to credit; you’ve been diligent about working on your credit, and your score reflects this. If you have super-prime credit, it's time to throw yourself a credit party, baby: you earned it!

Happy african american mother and daughter reading book together at homeWhat Credit Category Will Lenders Give Better Loans To?

If you have a super-prime credit score, you can expect to get only the sweetest deals from lenders.

  • Whether it’s a low-interest loan on a new car or a competitive mortgage interest rate, super-prime credit will get you there.
  • The super-prime score shows lenders that you pay your bills on time, you aren’t using too much of your credit, and you’ve had established credit for a while. These are a few of the things they like to see!
  • Prime credit will still give you access to lower interest rates than subprime, but you may have to pay 1% more than super-prime. That 1% can mean a lot if you’re trying to keep your payments low!

Another benefit of having super-prime or prime credit is that lenders will usually give you higher credit limits. This could be a real windfall for those in need right now—especially if you need to make a large purchase right now.

What Should I Do If I Need to Fix My Credit?

You may be reading all this and feeling discouraged because you have credit that falls in the subprime levels—or maybe yours is at the low end of the prime credit category. However, don’t despair or give up hope, Dallas! With the proper credit help, you can bring that score up to a range that will be attractive to lenders. You can land competitive interest rates and lower your monthly payments when you have prime credit!

  • By getting your credit repaired, you are proactively ensuring you get the best opportunities when it comes to lending.
  • There is no need to wait until you try to apply for a loan to find out that your interest rate will be higher because of a negative ding on your credit!
  • Take action now to seek credit repair, Dallas, and let's get that score back to where it belongs so you can be living the lifestyle you deserve!

As your Credit Diva, we transform your credit by eliminating those red flags and issues from your credit history—giving it the boost it needs to fuel your future! Reach on out to your Divas, and let us put our skills to work for you, Dallas!

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