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'Should I Pay off My Card Completely Each Month?' Credit Help Tips

  • By Credit Diva of Dallas
  • 24 Sep, 2020

When you're working to build credit, it can be confusing how much of your credit you should use or not use for the best results.

As a rule, you should never carry more than 30% of your credit as a balance. When you do, your credit score will drop until you bring that balance below 30%.

'So, I Should Just Pay off My Cards Each Month, Right?'

It isn't that simple—and it might not even be a credit help!

For best results, you want to have a credit history—and a 0% balance doesn't look like you are using your credit cards in some credit scoring models. Why is this a problem? Well, your credit history and behavior are both very important in building a credit score.

  • According to credit agencies, your past behavior is a generally reliable predictor of future behavior.
  • When you immediately pay off a purchase before it is reported on, it looks like you were never using your credit.
  • The credit bureau might not be able to make predictions about what would happen compared to if you had a balance.
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'What Should I Do Instead?'

  • A best practice when you're wondering what balance to keep on a credit card is between 1% and 10%.
  • This keeps you well below the 30% threshold that will start to drop your score.
  • It leaves room for emergencies, and it lets the credit reporting bureaus know that you are an active credit user.
  • This will give them the best data to present you in a positive light, so you make the most of your credit behavior.

'What If I've Been Doing It Wrong?'

The good news is; this is one of the easiest components of your credit score to fix! When you pay down your credit card (really any form of revolving credit) balances to under 30%, you should see a change in your credit from this credit help technique within one to two months. You need to give the reporting a chance to catch up, and this is also why paying it off and maxing it out again will only show the 'maxing.'

  • Remember that it is not only each line of credit that matters but your total credit usage.
  • You'll want to be sure that one account isn't throwing your total usage over 30%, even if the rest of your accounts are only at 5%.
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As a reminder, this also only applies to revolving credit accounts, or accounts that you regularly pay and borrow from. A loan that you are paying down does not count toward the total utilization ratio for the purposes of generating a credit score.

  • Create a plan to tackle your debt as a first step toward credit repair.
  • It is a challenging journey at first, but one that will serve as credit help in more ways than one!

After all, lower balances mean fewer worries about not being able to make a payment in an unexpected time of hardship or economic downturn—a concern we are all very aware of at this time.

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