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Credit Help: 10 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score in 2021

  • By Credit Diva of Dallas
  • 01 Apr, 2021

So, you want more housing options. You want the ability to qualify for loans with low fees and low-interest rates.  You want insurance discounts and security deposit immunity on utilities. Working towards maintaining a good credit score makes perfect financial sense, especially now, in 2021. But, how do you keep your credit score up? How do you stay within the threshold of a satisfactory score? Here are ten credit help tips to help you achieve just that.

Woman Calculating Budget1. Regular Check-Ups

Start checking your credit score regularly to detect any errors in your information. Mistakes happen more frequently than you would imagine, and they can often lead to a few points being deducted. You can also prevent criminal activity by keeping a close eye. This is a necessary safeguard, and it makes sense when you consider that you can’t maintain a good credit report when you don’t even know what it looks like. If manual check-ups seem like too much work for you, try out a credit monitoring service. This will notify you of any increases and decreases in your score, and it’ll also alert you in the case of suspicious activity.

2. Make On-Time Payments A Priority

You need to pay your bills on time. It doesn’t matter if it’s utilities, the rent, or a bank loan; late payments can reflect badly on your credit report. Honor your financial obligations on time if you don’t want to be reported to the credit bureaus. Don’t take any payment for granted either; even the tiniest unpaid bill can hurt your score. When it comes to credit help, on-time payments can be a big boost for your score.

3. Don’t Close Accounts, Especially The New One

Having a longer credit history proves you have a lot of experience in handling credit. Since the age of your oldest account will be considered when calculating your credit age, you’re better off keeping those old accounts open. Credit history often accounts for more than a tenth of your score. Having more accounts open means you’re responsible enough to deal with all that debt, making you a lower risk to lenders.

4. Don’t Apply For New Credit Cards

Credit card companies will pull your records, and one hard pull following the other will make your score drop. Every new application will take a chunk of your score, and multiple applications following each other's quick succession make an even bigger impact on your precious points. Avoid prompting any lender inquiries to keep a balanced score. While having a credit card or two that you pay on-time is a great credit help tip, opening too many and facing the pulls on your records may do the opposite.

5. Watch Your Spending

Always avoid spending cash that you don’t have in the bank if you can help it. This will prevent you from having to take up new credit to pay for purchases. Come up with a comprehensive budget that you’ll follow to the last letter, and consistently so. The first thing you take care of is the essentials, including those expenses that keep you going from day-to-day. Your spending habits have a major bearing on those three fateful numbers.

6. Get Professional Credit Help

There’s no need to navigate the world of financial literacy alone.  Hiring an expert to provide you with credit help can make a huge difference when managing your score. Something as simple as following a blog or watching videos online can work wonders. It can all get a little overwhelming, and it’s a good idea to get someone learned on board.

7. Repair Any Mistakes In Your Credit Score

If by any chance you’re going through your credit report and you discover an inaccuracy, you need to rectify that immediately. Don’t decide to stall on reporting the matter because that can make things much worse. Utilize free copies of your credit score rather than sources that may lead to a point deduction. That’s the perfect chance for you to make sure everything is in order. 

8. Be Patient And Committed

Sometimes your score drops, and it quickly gets back to normal. Other times it can take a while to get back on track. Don’t make any rash financial decisions. Having a sustainable score depends on proper planning and serious dedication towards financial wellness. Subscribe to a long-term model of thinking when it comes to your score. It helps to keep a clean record all the way through.

High Angle View Of Young Couple Sitting On Sofa Analyzing Bill9. Don’t Push The Limits

Your credit card balance has to stay as low as possible. Reaching your credit limit can be bad news for your score. Try not to push your credit to the extremes, as huge charges grab the attention of card issuers, and this can result in them pulling your credit report. Make it a point to make a minimum payment for all the accounts and keep the balance at less than a third of the limit.

10. Deal With Debts

Different kinds of credit besides credit cards have a bearing on your score. Provide your own credit help by minimizing the amount of debt you have is advisable and consistency throughout your credit profile is necessary. You’ve got to treat all debts with the respect they deserve; make sure to handle all debts regularly, and you’re likely to see your score soar. 

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